Welcome to the Dooley Foundation, a successful celebrity life coaching business founded by Dooley Rule. For the past 40 years, Dooley’s kept the secrets of Hollywood’s celebrities and powerful as he helped them overcome their personal obstacles and achieve their goals. He could have used a bit of his own advice, what with three marriages and three children (at least three he’s publicly acknowledged).

Now that Dooley’s gone on to that life coaching business in the sky, he’s left his children in charge, but he forgot one little piece of information – the secret to his success!

Playing for Love, Book 1

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For years, Amber was the main attraction in her father's self-help infomercials, his personal before-to-after example of how to transform your life: overweight to svelt adolescent, dependent teen to independent adult, social dork to paparazzi princess.  Dooley pointed out all of Amber's failings (on camera, no less) and then made it appear he'd fixed them. But then her father dies, leaving Amber and the rest of gossip hungry L.A. wondering what celebrity secrets her father kept.

All Amber has to do to ensure her secrets are safe, earn her inheritance and return to her normal, paparazzi lacking life is improve the mental game of the biggest bad-ass in the N.B.A., Evan Oliver. Too bad Amber knows nothing about basketball or life coaching. Too bad Even Oliver is determined to do things his own way, especially when it comes to teaching Amber a new set of rules.

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Fool for Love, Book 2

Blue has a nice life. He's got a job in public relations with a local studio and a nice social life with some hot reality stars. But then his father dies and his sister Amber blackmails him into working with her at the Dooley Foundation. His social life grinds to a halt. Now every woman wants him to fix her - and not in bed! And Amber's got an idea about a new reality show based on their work at the Foundation, featuring him as a matchmaker. Who does she want him to match up? All his really hot, slightly crazy reality show ex-girl friends.

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It’s Only Love, Book 3

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Until her father died, Cora's goal has been to look drop dead gorgeous in the latest fashion and be seen at all the right places. Now in order to keep her inheritance she can't buy any new clothes for a year, and she's assigned to help her ex-lover's wife, Vivian Gordon, rediscover her mojo. Cora's in serious need of a massage. And there's one N.B.A. coach who's ready to give her more than that.

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All My Love, Book 4

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Gemma Kent has become famous as a sexy mystery woman with the Twitter handle @GlitterfrostGem. Randy Farrell, the man Gemma can’t get out of her head, wants a date with @GlitterfrostGem, but the real Gemma is nothing like her twitter alter-ego.


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All She Needs is Love, Book 5

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To say Jack and Vivian Gordon’s marriage has been rocky would be an understatement. The Gordons have been on a roller coaster of love and lust, but can’t seem to get on the same page at the same time. This power couple needs a time-out to find their happily ever after. And life coach to Hollywood’s rich and powerful, Cora Rule, has just the solution – have the couple sign their divorce papers in a safe room…and lock them inside.

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Fighting for Love, Book 6

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Emerald Jones had a promising career as a MMA fighter until a car accident weakened her back and left her step-father in a wheelchair. The only way for her pay for the surgery that will restore her step-father's ability to walk is to enter unsanctioned fights as E.R. Jones. These illegal fights lack pre-fight medical exams and are held late at night, underground, in Los Angeles' high rise parking garages. One bad kick and E.R.'s career is over.

Reclusive billionaire Graham Richmond wants to buy the business complex his grandfather built and his father carelessly gambled away. When he learns underground fights are being held on the property, he vows to shut them down to avoid liability. What he doesn't expect is his fascination with a sexy, secretive MMA fighter he's determined to bed, or on being knocked out by something he's never felt before - love.

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Hollywood Confidential, Bonus Book 7

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Welcome to the bedroom secrets of Breaking the Rules!

This novella is a compilation of straight sexy scenes and expanded sexy scenes from the hit contemporary series, plus new, never-before published bonus scenes with dirty exes and previous hook-ups. These vignettes are short enough that you can read them on break and there are enough of them that you can while away an hour.


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