Book 4: Breaking the Rules series – All My Love

"Mel Curtis has reinvented the glitz novel, infusing it with heat, heart and humor." Jayne Ann Krentz

Gemma Kent has become famous as a sexy mystery woman with the Twitter handle @GlitterfrostGem. Randy Farrell, the man Gemma can’t get out of her head, wants a date with @GlitterfrostGem, but the real Gemma is nothing like her twitter alter-ego. 


Everything about Gemma Kent’s life was a lie.

She’d thought Dooley Rule was her godfather.  Yeah, take away “god” and you got that right.

 Then the hottest gossip columnist in L.A. called her a mystery woman.  The mystery is why no one recognizes me when my hair isn’t straightened and my make-up isn’t heavy.

 And now she was helping perpetuate the worst lie of all on Valentine’s Day.  She’d thought her half-sister, Cora Rule, was setting her up on a blind date.  Only it wasn’t a date.  It was an exercise in confidence building by the Dooley Foundation for a client – a young, sexy NBA coach who embodied everything Gemma found honorable in the world - honesty.  The same man who kept tweeting sweet things to her @GlitterfrostGem on Twitter’s Woman Crush Wednesday.  He’d cyber-stolen her heart.  He’s going to be so disappointed in me in real life.

 Gemma’s stomach did contortions that’d terrify a member of Cirque de Soleil.  College students working as part-time receptionists didn’t land dates with NBA coaches.  Not unless they were beautiful, tall, and well-endowed.  Gemma was plain, petite, and sharp-tongued.

What started as an innocent assignment for the Dooley Foundation – accompanying a popular actress fresh out of rehab on shopping trips – had gained her made-over Gemma notoriety as Miss Glitterfrost Gem.  Her alter-ego’s picture was posted on gossip sites.  Once a picture of her and actress Mimi Sorbet made it to a sidebar of People magazine’s cover!  But no one ever posted Gemma’s real name.  She was known only as Mimi’s BFF and by her Twitter name – @GlitterfrostGem. 

No one would have known about her had Cora not “borrowed” Gemma’s phone and tweeted that first picture of Gemma and Mimi on Gemma’s account, hashtag bestie, hashtag MimiSorbet.

And now Gemma was one of three women meeting Coach Randy Farrell on Valentine’s Day.  He’d choose one of them for a dinner date.  She’d bet her next car payment it wasn’t going to be her.  He’d take one look at Gemma and see she was a phony.  Crush over.  Foolish heart broken.

The Story Behind the Story

I’ve really enjoyed writing the Hollywood Rules series and it’s becoming harder to figure out who to feature next in a full-length story. So when I was approached about participating in a Valentine’s novella program, I jumped at the chance.  Gemma, who’s been there since book 1, seemed the perfect heroine for the story. The plot had already been set up in Cora’s book (book 3). I got the idea from a news story about a very public romance between Andre Drummand (NBA star) and Jennette McCurdy (Nickelodeon star). What started as an innocent Twitter crush on #WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) turned into a sweet romance between Dre and Jennette.

Gemma’s hero is Randy Farrell, a former NCAA basketball star turned NBA coach. A former farmboy from Indiana, Randy doesn’t feel like he fits into any Hollywood mold. When he sees Gemma – who doesn’t much care about fashion or the egos of well-connected Hollywood Rules – he’s smitten. Soon his Tweeting Gemma as his #WCW. It was fun to write a contemporary story with modern technology opening the door to romance.

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