Book 7: Breaking the Rules series – Hollywood Confidential

"Mel Curtis has reinvented the glitz novel, infusing it with heat, heart and humor." Jayne Ann Krentz

This novella is a compilation of straight sexy scenes and expanded sexy scenes from the hit contemporary series, plus new, never-before published bonus scenes with dirty exes and previous hook-ups. These vignettes are short enough that you can read them on break and there are enough of them that you can while away an hour. 


Blue lit the last candle as the doorbell rang.

Dinner had been delivered. He’d serve his date–the classy, sophisticated actress Portia Francis.

He’d been seeing some intense women lately–more interested in jumping his bones than hearing his opinion on…well…whatever he had an opinion on. Not that he didn’t appreciate cheap, dirty sex as much as the next guy. He was just ready for something different.

Portia was different.

So what if she’d taken the 1940s starlet thing to the extreme. He was pretty sure it was all a show; her way of standing out among the hundreds of young actresses vying for roles in Hollywood.

He opened the door.

Portia was wearing a closed raincoat and high heels. Her bright blond hair was twisted to the side. Her lips were red and slick enough to glide over his cock.

Don’t think about sex.

This was only their third date. A classy woman like Portia, one who’d been a child star and was careful of her image, wouldn’t let him get to second base until at least a few weeks of dates.

“I know you said you had an elaborate dinner planned…” Her voice was as silky smooth as her lips. “I was just wondering if you’d like an appetizer first.” She flung open the sides of her raincoat.

She was naked–from her Brazilian wax to her full, round breasts. And she was his.

The Story Behind the Story

The characters in the Breaking the Rules series have rich romantic histories that readers have found interesting. Blue Rule was a player in Hollywood and you could play 3 Degrees of Separation between him and most other characters in the series. I wrote this collection because I needed a break from big sweeping emotional stories. These vignettes are definitely escape material.

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