Are you frustrated by writing craft books that give examples referencing books, ones you haven't read? Then this book is for you. It's filled with examples from movie and TV that help you develop characters and their character journey. Not sure if this book is for you? Scroll down for a free companion workbook.

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Frankly, my dear... Creating Unforgettable Characters

It doesn't matter if your writing style is planned, spontaneous, or somewhere in between--it's the character and conflict that sells! Character and conflict hook in studio execs, hold an editor’s attention, and draw in readers, compelling them to turn the page. So what is the secret sauce? How can you hack into believable and compelling characters? By using a tried and true psychological principle adapted for writers.

In this book, you’ll find the basics of character and conflict, along with a multi-faceted psychological principle that can be used to create characters who need to grow and change. Inside are numerous tips to create and deepen character and conflict from the beginning of your story to the end. You’ll discover hacks to give your characters depth and provide them with behavioral bumpers so they act consistently throughout your story, until they grow and change in an emotionally satisfying finale. As an added bonus, there are over 100 examples from movies and television that illustrate how to use each principle. That means adding this book to your writing toolbox will help you sell to editors and studio execs, and create compelling reads that bring audiences back for more. Available in print (Amazon) and digital.

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