Book 2: Breaking the Rules series – Fool for Love

"Mel Curtis has reinvented the glitz novel, infusing it with heat, heart and humor." Jayne Ann Krentz

Blue has a nice life.  He's got a job in public relations with a local production studio and a nice social life with some hot reality stars.  But then his father dies and his sister, Amber, blackmails him into working with her at the Dooley Foundation, their father's life coaching business.  His social life grinds to a halt.  Now every woman wants him to fix her - and not in bed! 

Along comes Maddy Polk, up-and-coming reality show producer, with an idea about a new reality show based on their work at the Foundation, featuring him as a matchmaker.  Who does Maddy want him to match up?  All his really hot, slightly crazy, reality show ex-girlfriends!  Trouble is, it's Maddy who makes Blue hot and slightly crazy.


“I don’t know how you came to these…these erroneous conclusions about my brother, but you’re wrong.” Amber’s words fell weakly between them.

Sensing she was near victory, Maddy pressed on. “The Avengers launched the retail portion of their web site last week. Selling Avenger T-shirts and logo thongs means they’re in it for the long haul. There’ll be no escaping the gossip and subsequent damage to the Dooley Foundation if you don’t sever this at the jugular.” At Amber’s perplexed look, Maddy shrugged. “Another of Poppa Bert’s pearls.  It means you need my form of damage control.”

“Hello, ladies.” A deep voice. From behind her. And then a tall man with the grace of a dancer and the swagger of a model settled in the chair next to hers, unsettling Maddy’s pulse.

She’d never seen photos of Blue Rule in khaki shorts and a dark polo. He wore tuxes. He wore suits. He wore body hugging button downs. Regardless, he still didn’t manage to look like the guy next door.

Pitch anxiety returned, prickling her skin with nervous heat.

Blue Rule had the kind of looks that most women only saw on television and in fashion magazines – a long lean body, short crisp black hair that was never unruly, lips that quirked knowingly and dark eyes that seemed to penetrate your very soul with the promise of bone melting, I-just-met-you sex. Maddy imagined him reclining on a penthouse suite bed, the camera panning up his body, across all those very hard body parts, until it reached that smile.

Did her mental camera have to shoot porn now? In the middle of a pitch meeting?

“I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Blue Rule.” He extended his hand. If Blue’s appearance inspired I’ll-do-whatever-you-want bedroom fantasies, his voice did not. Cool. Confident. Controlling.

To her credit, Maddy didn’t miss a beat as she introduced herself, thrusting her clammy hand toward him and shaking his hard, because there was only one reason for Amber to bring Blue into this – to confirm Maddy was not one of his ex-girlfriends.

Blue’s smile broadened like a hunter who had a deer in his sights.

And Maddy, who had always fled the mighty male hunters that prowled L.A., felt her anger rise like the fire that swept through Bambi’s forest, burning her anxiety to ashes. News flash: her kick-ass idea had legs that made these two Rules nervous. “Now that we’ve confirmed I’m not one of Blue’s Avengers, can we continue?”

The Story Behind the Story

Blue was Amber's right hand man in Amber Rules, although he wasn't always on her side.  Now that he's seen that the sales goals his father left them in the will are attainable (and worth a cool three million a year stipend), Blue's a bit more serious about this life coaching thing (although not serious enough to actually learn the principles behind life coaching).  But as I discovered in Amber Rules, Blue likes to short-cut things.  And I found I really liked to make him suffer because of it.  Yes, he's gorgeous.  Yes, he can be intimidating.  Yes, he inherited his father's love-em-and-leave-em approach to relationships.  And so Blue's Avengers were born (in a club scene in Amber's book, if you read closely).  These Avengers want Blue to pay for dumping them unceremoniously and pay in the most public way.

The thing that has always fascinated me about reality television and Hollywood is that celebrities often have no filter, and yet, you don't often see people in the public eye taking stabs at someone else in the public eye...publically.  The exception was when Chelsea Handler used her show to occasionally get back at Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie for the dumping of Chelsea's good friend, Jennifer Anniston.  But that was mild.  What would happen if things got a bit more out of control?  Everyone has lawyers, right?  But a well executed plan of revenge could make Blue very, very nervous.  Will Blue learn his lesson?  I promise it won't be easy.

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