Book 1: The Summer Bridesmaids – A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Kitty Summer has a wedding to stop. She's sure the groom doesn't love her sister, but how can she prove it? By testing his fidelity with one very public kiss, of course.

That one kiss leaves Kitty stranded in Florida without her purse or cell phone and with her dotty grandmother and one jilted groom, aka Beck O’Brien. With only her bridesmaid dress to her name, Kitty needs Beck to help her get Granny back to Atlanta. And Beck needs Kitty to help him locate his bride so he can win her back. But the closer they come to finding Maggie, the more Beck wonders if a kiss is just a kiss.


"I'm going to make a lot of money off Mags."

Dr. Kitty Summer froze outside the groom's vestibule in her mint green taffeta bridesmaid dress. The door was slightly ajar and the insensitive comment by the groom–Becker "Bet Me" O'Brien–about the bride–Kitty's sister Maggie–brought her to a halt. She went numb from tongue to toes.

The back hallways of historic St. Christopher's church in Boca Rotan were carpeted, most likely so the priests could move around without the congregation hearing. It had allowed Kitty to approach the vestibule to give Beck her blessing in the marriage undetected by the groom and his groomsmen.

Elsewhere in the church, the choir was signing softly and incoming guests were talking loudly. But the only thing Kitty heard were Beck's insensitive words: Make a lot of money off Mags. Make a lot of money off Mags. Over and over as if her brain was caught in a loop.

And then someone else spoke.

"You're one lucky S.O.B." The male voice was unfamiliar to Kitty, but with twelve groomsmen that was no surprise.

The sound of manly guffaws and backslapping was drowned out by the roar in Maggie's ears.

The wedding was less than thirty minutes away and Beck was pond scum. Kitty had never really had the chance to warm to him. On some level, she'd considered Beck a pompous, arrogant ass, but she'd been busy with her residency and then starting her own OB/GYN practice, and Maggie had seemed happy. That happiness was threatened by Beck's pompous, arrogant comment.

Kitty didn't want Beck to marry Maggie. And she wasn't the kind of person who stood by in an emergency wringing her hands. Which meant...

Kitty had to stop Beck from marrying Maggie. Now.

The Story Behind the Story

I became attached to my bridesmaids in the original Bridesmaids series. These sweet romantic comedies are based on the type of old black and white rom-coms I used to watch with my mom. In this story, the eldest sister, Kitty, is convinced her sister is about to marry the wrong man (at the same time, the groom is having second thoughts). Kitty, the first bridesmaid down the aisle, plants a kiss on the groom to stop the wedding. But now Kitty, the groom, and Kitty's dotty grandmother are stranded at the church together.

And speaking of dotty grandmothers...Grandma Dotty is central to each story in the series. She knows she shouldn't have favorites, but she dotes on those 5 girls. If only her memory wasn't fading, along with her ability to stay out of trouble...

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