Cori's grandfather, Salvatore Messina, told her she'd never be able to make it on her own as a single mother. He threatened her--tell him the name of the father of her child so he could ruin him, or she and her child would be cut off from the family. As the field manager of Messina Vineyards, Blake would not only lose his job, but his whole career could be destroyed. Cori couldn't do that to Blake--she still loved him. So she kept the identity of Michael's father a secret. But now she's back...for good?

Almost five years later, Cori has returned to her family's winery with her young son, Michael. Her mother is dying and Cori is determined to do whatever she can for her. But Cori's also back for another reason: it's time to find out if Blake will recognize--and accept--their son.

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His job...or his family?

Jackson Garrett is a Hot Shot, one of an elite team who fights forest fires. More than once he's saved the lives of the people on his crew. And more than once, Jackson knows, the reason he's made it out alive is Lexie--his one true love. It's always been a relief that he could go home to her. But now she doesn't want him back.

All or nothing?

Lexie Garrett doesn't feel as if she ever had a husband. With Jackson always away, she's raised their daughter alone. During one last night of bliss before she finalizes their divorce, she becomes pregnant. Lexie loves Jackson--she has no doubt about that. But will he be there for her, the way he says he will? This time and forever?

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What not to expect when you're expecting...

Becca Thomas is thrilled to be pregnant, even though it means bringing up her baby alone. At thirty-eight, this may be her last chance to have a child. And she doesn't expect to see Aiden Rodas again — doesn't think that a freewheeling younger man like him would even want to be a father. Wrong.

Aiden may live the life of a devil-may-care wildland firefighter, but he's not going to walk away from his responsibilities, no matter how unexpected they are. His challenge now is making Becca see that their child needs both of them. An even bigger challenge will be to make her realize that this expectant father has fallen in love with a certain mother-to-be!

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Uncle Knows Best?

Part-time caregiver Thea Gayle is left to care for two young girls who've been abandoned by their father. She turns to the man who is the only family the twins have--their uncle, Logan McCall. But is Logan--a wildland firefighter who is never home--up to the job? Thea has to know because she won't leave the twins with someone else who is going to let them down.

Logan's been in a slump ever since his twin sister died. The biggest mistake of his life was allowing his nieces to be taken away, all because he thought he couldn't take them on his own. He's going to try to make it right this time, by giving the girls—and Thea—the happiest home her can.

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Where her heart is concerned, Rachel isn't about to take any risks

Pilot Rachel Quinlan is fearless fighting forest fires, but on the home front it’s a different story.  She’s still not completely over her crush on Cole Hudson, love of her sister Missy’s life – and he left Eden eleven years ago.  Not that it matters, because now she has Missy’s kids to raise and her family’s failing business to run.  But that’s before the past collides with the present – and an accident brings Cole to the rescue. A Little Secret (a big surprise).

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No secret is ever safe…

What do you do when your big career break might lead to your best-kept secret getting out?  If you're Rosie DeWitt, political guru, you might be willing to take that chance and if you're Hudson McCloud, sixth generation Senator trying to rebuild your career, you might only want the best, hoping all your secrets will be kept.

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In the spirit of Christmases past, present—and future

Looking for a lighthearted holiday read by three great authors?  Try The Night Before Christmas.  After all, sharing is the biggest gift of all.  

Think Scrooge had it bad?  Simon Castle has to be in Las Vegas by Christmas morning or he'll miss the chance of a lifetime...or will he?

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What do you do with your life if you peaked at age 12?  If you're Annie Raye, numbers whiz and former Black Jack champion, you try to be like everyone else, with a normal job, forgetting your past.  Which would be fine if you hadn't married an embezzler and had to start all over in a new town applying for a new job and needed to pass a background check conducted by a tall, sexy stranger who doesn't realize you're no trouble at all.

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They were just high school friends when they got married.  Jill desperately needed a father for her unborn child and Vince wanted to give them both his name.  But on their wedding night Jill walked out of his life.  Eleven years later, Vince wants to meet his son and reclaim the love that should have been his.

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